We’re specialists in manufacturing custom pieces using precision turning for industrial usage. We work with a wide variety of metals, such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze and titanium.

Our 60+ years of experience manufacturing pieces using precision turning are an asset at our customers’ disposal. We provide an integral solution to their needs and goals, advising them in all aspects regarding the pieces: which material to use, the optimal coating, etc.

Our specialisation  and our knowledge on precision turning, paired with the advanced technology of our equipment, makes it possible to produce pieces using precision turning within the most demanding dimensional and geometrical requirements.

All our machinery is updated with numerical control lathes with capacity of up to 65 millimeters, with both sliding-head and fixed-head, with batch controlling systems to guarantee the highest quality in our products.

Here at LEMEC we manufacture the following pieces using precision turning:

Machinery used for precision turning:

> Fixed-head CNC lathe machine
> Sliding-head CNC lathe machine

Peripheral equipment:

> Lathe machines for secondary actions on stamped pieces
> Threading machines

We manufacture rods with different tip shapes: screw end, hook end, knurled, chamfered (on one or both ends)